Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Is your business struggling to:

  • Retain existing clients?
  • Effectively manage leads in order to close more sales in a shorter amount of time?
  • Manage marketing campaigns?
  • Anticipate and react to customer needs?
  • Track requests?
  • Manage support issues?
  • Maintain customer satisfaction until an issue can be resolved?

From sales and marketing to operations and delivery, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your business by streamlining existing processes and automating workflows and interactions with customers. eImagine will work with you to understand how we can customize CRM to meet your unique business needs.


  • Simplifies data entry so sales staff spends more time driving sales and less time performing administrative tasks
  • Shortens sales cycle and improves win rates with lead and opportunity management, automated lead routing, sales process management, and competitor tracking
  • Offers a centralized, customizable view of your existing customers’ preferences, relationships, and activity history to better understand and meet their needs.
  • Provides comprehensive reports to enable you to forecast sales, measure business activity and performance, track sales and service success, and identify trends, problems, and opportunities.
  • Allows you to manage customer e-mail, appointments, tasks, and contacts from a single business application.


  • Transforms customer information into clear, actionable knowledge that enables your company to respond quickly to changing customer preferences and emerging market opportunities.
  • Enables you to transform successful campaigns into templates that can easily be reused in the future.
  • Provides instant access to complete customer information, including preferences, relationships, and buying history to anticipate their future needs.
  • Provides reporting and analysis tools built on Microsoft SQL Server™ Reporting Services to give you the precise customer knowledge you need to make sound decisions quickly.

Customer Service & Support

  • Enables you to quickly log, analyze, and resolve service issues with streamlined access to service contracts, frequently asked questions, and historical customer information.
  • Allows you to assign, manage, and resolve support incidents with automated routing, queuing, and escalation of service requests, along with case management, communications tracking, and auto-response e-mail.
  • Delivers CRM as a natural extension of Microsoft Outlook so that you can manage customer incidents, and all service contracts from a single business application.
  • Enables you to quickly search and dispatch skilled service professionals, tools, and resources across service locations to deliver value-added services for your customers.
eImagine began working in the Microsoft Dynamics product family as a way to further our goal to use technology as the tool to help solve our clients’ business problems. eImagine is a proven Indianapolis-area Microsoft Dynamics CRM leader, with our experience going back to CRM 1.2 in 2005. Since 2009, eImagine has been providing enterprise-level CRM solutions to clients. We have worked with dozens of clients on implementations providing service with installation, implementation, and support, version upgrades, security, maintenance, hosting, optimization and analysis, and custom development and extension.

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