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zip.js: Exactly What It Sounds Like (Awesome)

Transferring data back and forth between a web service and a mobile application can be a real chore at times. For textual data, XML and JSON representations provide fast and highly-debuggable encapsulations of the data, but binary data continues to be a real pain at...

Native or Web or Hybrid mobile apps?

With the boom of the mobile industry more and more applications are needed for the mobile space. One big question for development teams is, do we build a native or web or hybrid mobile app? My answer, it depends. There are pros and cons to consider before making that...

Give your business, your customers, and your potential clients instant access

eImagine has experience in developing mobile applications for both Apple and Android devices. For a variety of customers and industries, we’ve been able to deliver solutions that allow businesses, their customers, and their partners the ability to conduct business more efficiently, increase communication, and provide the ability to learn from where ever they may be.

What can mobile applications do for your business?

  • Increase and strengthen brand awareness and identity
  • Demonstrate innovation in your business practices
  • Provide instant access to relevant information for customers or employees

Our mobile applications have helped with:

  • Training and education
  • Field service testing, management, and compliance
  • CRM solutions and integration
  • Guided tours and hospital education
  • Location services
  • Scheduling services
  • Informational services
  • Task and service notifications

Riley Child Life Tour

RileyChildLifeTour_HomeeImagine has also had the opportunity to create an application for Riley Children’s Hospital. The application is meant to help children reduce anxiety and better understand their hospital stay and any procedures they may have. The app includes hospital tours, procedure information, and much more.

To learn more about how eImagine can help your business go mobile, contact us today.


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